Resolve Family Law Issues Through Mediation

These days, many more clients are seeking out family law mediation to resolve legal matters more efficiently and amicably. Through mediation, you can find effective solutions for divorce, child custody, child support and other family law matters without involvement of the courts.

At Margolin & Neuner, we are prepared to assist your family through the mediation process, either as your attorneys or as New Jersey Family Court mediators. Much of our practice is devoted to resolving family law problems through mediation.

Through Mediation, You Control Your Family's Future

When you mediate, you retain more control over the outcome, timing and cost of the solution. The parties meet together with a mediator, who acts as a neutral party in helping you identify and resolve all of the important legal issues. The mediator's most important job is to help the parties discuss all aspects of the situation safely and civilly.

The primary benefit of mediation is that it is efficient. All parties sit down with the mediator together to discuss the important issues, thereby avoiding a drawn-out exchange of phone calls and letters that lawyers must otherwise conduct to exchange ideas and proposals. Because it is usually a quicker and more efficient process, mediation typically costs much less and causes considerably less animosity than contested or negotiated family law matters.

We Can Act As Mediators Or As Your Attorneys

Our attorneys are prepared to act as third-party mediators or as your legal representatives through the mediation process. As approved mediators, we have training not only in family law, but in helping parties to communicate. We also can give both parties the information they need to understand and effectively resolve issues.

Most mediations conclude after three or four mediation sessions of an hour to two hours. As mediators, we will prepare a memorandum of understanding at the conclusion of the sessions that outlines the issues that were discussed and agreed upon, and send that memo to the lawyer for each party.

If we are acting as your attorneys rather than as mediators, we will then easily complete the documents needed to finalize the divorce.

Contact our firm at 908-852-7811 or send a message online to explore your options for family mediation. Our Hackettstown law firm serves clients in Warren County and throughout the surrounding areas of Northwest New Jersey.