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We Help Make Things Better For Your Family

Our goal is to find the best possible resolution to your family law problem, not to fight unnecessarily in court.

We Help Make Things Better For Your Family

Avoid Costly Family Law Litigation

Divorce and other family law issues are known to have a profound impact on everyone involved. Long, drawn-out court cases take a heavy toll on the entire family — both financially and emotionally.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Margolin & Neuner, we can help your family find a better path to resolution. Our law firm serves clients in Warren County, Morris County and throughout northwest New Jersey. We provide a constructive and reasonable approach to family law concerns, working out of court whenever possible to find smart solutions that are in everyone’s best interests.

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Since 1990, our firm has been dedicated to family law.

Reasonable Family Law Representation

We strive to find amicable resolutions to family-related legal problems.

Effective Mediation Services

Our attorneys are approved mediators for all family law matters.

Strive For Amicable Solutions

Whether you fight in a family law case or not, odds are you will reach the same results in the end. At our firm, we’ve seen this happen many times through the years. Instead of arguing, why not resolve your case without hurting your family in the process?

Our lawyers are approved mediators who discuss the amicable resolution possibilities with clients from the start. Whether we serve as mediators or attorneys, we will explain the potential outcomes to both sides of the table and work hard to obtain an amicable and effective resolution.

If we are unable to resolve your family law matter outside of court, we will provide strong, effective advocacy in litigation. We are seasoned trial attorneys who approach courtroom cases with the same reasonable approaches we use outside of court — carefully picking our battles to minimize negative impact.

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