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Divorce or other family law matters usually are accompanied by concerns over care of the children, division of property and the amount of support payments. It is almost always an emotional time for families, filled with uncertainty and worry.

Intense emotions, however, do not need to result in intense courtroom litigation. There is a better way, and Margolin & Neuner can help. Our goal is to help you resolve your family law matter without going to court. Instead, our attorneys work collaboratively with the other party to find the best solution to suit your unique family needs.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Families

Our Hackettstown firm assists families in Warren County and throughout northwest New Jersey through legal representation and mediation services. We can help to find reasonable, smart solutions to the following legal matters:

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In most cases, the sooner we can get both parties to the negotiating or mediation table, the better. Face-to-face meetings are the most efficient and effective way to achieve a favorable outcome for your family. If we do end up in the courtroom, we will still approach your case with reasonable, defensible positions. We pick our battles whenever possible, resulting in greater success in and out of court. To discuss your legal matter with an experienced lawyer, don’t hesitate to call us at 908-852-7811. Or you may send a message online using the form on this website. We charge reasonable fees for all of our legal services.