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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders – QDROs

QDRO stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and describes a court order that grants rights to, and distributions from a member’s retirement plan to a spouse, former spouse or child/dependent.

These are common during a divorce as the parties’ retirement plans are usually distributed between spouses. Most retirement plans will require a separate court order, which is referred to as a QDRO, to provide the nonmember spouse or dependent with rights under the plan.

If you have not yet addressed your or your spouse’s retirement accounts, you should contact us to discuss your next steps.

Important IRS information regarding QDROs is available at the following website link:

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In preparation for divorce proceedings, it is vital to have a discussion about retirement accounts and how they should be fairly settled in a divorce.

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Specific guidelines for the fair and equitable division of a couple’s retirement plans can be overwhelming, and we can provide clear answers to your questions about QDROs.

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