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The Road To A Good Divorce

The steps to getting a divorce are different for each couple we encounter at our firm. For some, it is a welcome change for each party, for others divorce is more challenging.

We provide the following guidelines for our clients to navigate their families through to the other side with the least amount of stress and worry.

Remember Getting A Divorce Is A Practical Matter

The legal process can be burdensome and detailed, but above all you should understand how the courts handle emotions. In what is for you a very emotional experience, you will be faced with an unemotional process and court system.

The court system was not built to manage emotions, nor do we want it to. The courts have been charged to make fundamental and important decisions in your life, when you cannot make them yourself.

This does not mean your emotions are not real – of course they are – but it is important to understand that your emotions will have little impact on the practical exercise of getting a legal divorce.

Stay Informed

The more information you and your attorney has available, the easier it will be to craft resolutions and accept them. Our family attorneys are experienced in designing solutions that fit your unique circumstances. With complete and detailed information they will be able to do so.

Divorces that stall or become frustrating are usually those where information is missing or withheld. The court process is designed to provide you all the information you should need – take advantage of that.

It is also important that you stay informed on the legal process itself. Knowing what the various court appearances are about and going to them ready to participate will ease the divorce process.

Be Flexible And Open To Different Solutions

Once informed, it is time to begin the work of finding resolutions to the issue in your matter. The vast majority of divorces will end in a signed agreement, reflecting a compromise between you and your spouse. The best time spent in your case is on attempting to find a resolution you can both agree on.

The only other option you have is to leave those decisions up to a judge. A judge who will never know your family as well as you do and will not have to live with the consequences of those decisions. No, it is far better to keep control of the resolution and instead become more invested in the process of problem solving.

This is also the best use of your divorce lawyer. They can help you craft the best resolutions for you and your family.

You should remain flexible and open to different solutions. You will never be forced to accept a resolution you completely object to, so you can feel free to explore all options, even those your spouse proposes.

Consider Mediation Over Litigation

Having your day in court is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is time-consuming, emotional and costly. Most important, a judge will make decisions affecting your family for years to come.

Through mediation, however, you can retain control over the outcome of your case. A mediator is a neutral party who helps you to identify and resolve all important legal issues.

Mediation is a quicker, more efficient process that allows you to fashion resolutions that work best for your family.

Embrace Change

Divorce is one of the biggest life changes you may ever experience. It can be difficult, emotional and scary. Your future in many areas, such as finances and living arrangements, is often uncertain as you go through the process.

Although you cannot control all of the circumstances in your life, you do have the power to choose your attitude toward them. Change is not always bad, and in fact, can open up new opportunities and possibilities for you and your family.

Accept where you are, and be open to new and different ways for your life to unfold. Your life may look different from what you had originally expected, but how you perceive your situation will make all the difference in your happiness and peace of mind.

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