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Support For College

In New Jersey, children who are attending college are generally considered unemancipated. While unemancipated, children are entitled to financial, medical and emotional support from their parents. Under current New Jersey law, both parents will likely have to contribute to their child’s college expenses.

This is a big challenge for most families. As with all family law issues, there is no one formula that works. Each family must find solutions that best fit them and their children. Parents should try to resolve these issues before the children start college to make the transition to college easier.

It can become a challenging time where income, assets and expenses must be balanced to find a reasonable solution. Even though most settlement agreements prepare for this event, college planning can become overwhelming. Our firm can provide you with skilled mediation, arbitration or experienced legal representation to resolve the challenge.

Higher Education And New Jersey Law

In New Jersey, the courts have ruled that college can be looked at as a young person’s necessity in the event of divorce. When financially capable parents divorce, they may be required to help pay for their child’s tuition and other expenses for higher education, depending on the parents’ values, goals, ability to pay and the child’s aptitude, among other factors.

Our lawyers’ success in working with these matters for our clients throughout northwestern New Jersey has given us the advantage of exposure to a broad spectrum of diverse family dynamics.

They Are Still Your Dependents

At Margolin & Neuner, we want you to understand New Jersey’s progressive laws on providing support and college expenses before these costs become a stumbling block for your family.

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