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The penalties for failing to pay child support in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | DIVORCE - Divorce

If you owe child support arrears or have concerns about your ability to keep making payments on time, it is crucial to look over strategies that could help you get caught up or avoid delinquency. For example, you could benefit from creating a payment plan or modifying your child support order, depending on your circumstances. Also, you should understand the serious penalties associated with failing to make child support payments on time.

The impact of child support enforcement actions could disrupt many facets of your life, affecting your career and ability to drive, your finances and even your freedom.

Unpaid child support in New Jersey

According to New Jersey Courts, if you do not pay child support on time, you could face a number of serious penalties. Enforcement actions could include the interception of federal and state tax refunds, the suspension of a driver’s license and occupational or recreational license, the seizure of financial assets and reporting your debt to credit bureaus.

In addition, if you fall behind on child support, you could face an enforcement hearing and a bench warrant.

Addressing child support challenges

From the loss of your job to a health crisis resulting in costly bills, you could have financial hardships to deal with for many reasons. If these issues make it hard to pay child support, modifying your child support order could become a possibility. Also, you might benefit from making adjustments with regard to your spending, saving money for future payments and setting up a payment plan.