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New job and your request for child custody agreement modification

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Divorce, DIVORCE - Divorce, Family Law

Your employer is rewarding your hard work with a promotion. However, the new position means you must move to another city.

You have custody of your 10-year-old son who will therefore go with you. How will the other parent and the court react to your request for child custody agreement modification?

Talking it over

You must inform the other parent of your relocation plans for there are details to sort out with regard to your son going with you. If the other parent has no objection to the move, the two of you can discuss your goals and work toward a child custody agreement modification that is satisfactory to all concerned. If the co-parent disagrees, your next step is to file a motion with the court. Once you have a court date, the two of you will appear before a judge. The judge will determine a new plan that focuses on the best interests of the child.

The view of the court

In considering an agreement modification due to your proposed relocation, the judge will consider several factors:

  • Whether your son will suffer from the interruption of his daily routine
  • Whether he will have opportunities for making new friends and enjoying life in the new community
  • Whether a new visitation schedule is possible and practical

Supporting evidence

You can bring various kinds of evidence to court to confirm your need to relocate and therefore modify the child custody agreement. First, bring a letter from your employer confirming the promotion and need to relocate. You can also provide information about your new home, the school your son will attend and the availability of activities he will enjoy. The more information you can provide, the more likely it will be to receive court approval for your request for child custody agreement modification.