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Tips for how divorcing parents can handle summer breaks

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | DIVORCE - Divorce

Divorce is often a challenging time for families. When parents discuss custody and parenting schedules, there are many issues to consider.

One area that parents may overlook at first is navigating the logistics of shared custody during the summer break.

Communicate effectively

New Jersey has 127 miles of ocean coastline and 83 miles of bay shoreline. Whether the kids stay in the state or go elsewhere, clear and open communication between parents is key to ensuring a smooth summer break. Discuss and plan the summer schedule well in advance. Take into account each parent’s work commitments and the children’s activities.

Create a detailed schedule

A detailed summer schedule can alleviate confusion and reduce potential conflicts. Outline specific dates and times for when the children will be with each parent. Include any planned vacations or activities. Be flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed.

Plan ahead for childcare

Ensure that childcare arrangements are in place for times when neither parent is available to care for the children. This may involve enrolling them in summer camps or arranging for babysitters or family members to help when needed.

Focus on the children’s needs

During the summer break, prioritize the children’s well-being and happiness. Consider their preferences and interests when planning activities and outings. Encourage them to spend quality time with both parents. This reassures them that their parents love and support them.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is helpful for children, especially during times of transition such as divorce. Try to maintain consistent routines and rules between both households during the summer (and the rest of the year). This provides stability and structure for the children. The consistency could include bedtime routines, meal times and expectations for behavior.

Stay respectful

Avoid speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the children. Avoid using them as messengers or spies. Treat each other with kindness and civility, even if there are lingering resentments from the divorce.

By following these tips, divorcing parents can help make the summer break a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.